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Inspiroiva jazz-dokkari

Rakastan kiinnostavien ihmisten elämänkertoja. Dokumentti huippu-jazzpianisti Esbjörn Svenssonista on kiinnostava! Kuinkahan moni skandinaavi edes tietää, että näinkin merkittävä jazz-tyyppi on vaikuttanut Pohjolassa? Lisäksi samalla saa kuulla upeaa musiikkia. Suosittelen! Katso Yle Areenassa:
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5 tips for scattered working life

I think when I entered first jobs in working life, I have been quite confused with many things. Now at 33 I can already look back a little bit.Actually I think one of the biggest challenges to has been realizing that study life is so different compared to working life, the skills demanded are so different. Here are my five tips that I've learned: 1. Accept that there are messages coming and going, it is fast paced nowadays! Still doesn't mean you have to be some communication robot. 2. Accept that we we are not perfect in a way that actually in some ways we dont notice our own mistakes. It is human when you realize actually how human all the human made world is. Still strive for perfection though! 3. Notice your mood: if you're too tired, even quite simple tasks are difficult. Remember to have small breaks. 4. Make your own structure: for example today my day felt a little big: two meetings, one deadline, things here and there. Writing them down and thinking in which order…

Everyday tip: take care of your smart phone

Little tips for taking care of your smart phone for everyone: 1. Put the slow adjustment for the battery, really makes the phone live much longer. 2. Take care you have enough space in your smart phone. I just wondered where my space is going, actually 60 % was consumed by application data, wow! That really needed to be cleared. 3. Do you also think i need a new cover for my phone? Maybe something nice to lighten up the every day! Co-operations welcome. My phone is Huawei Honor. Good weekend, love each other! Dont love things too much, theyre just things. 😃