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Travel dreams

I'm dreaming of a little holiday. Might even be quite soon 😃 I try to fly rarely for eco reasons. It's been two years since my previous flights. Depending, now I might fly again. Might be going with my friend, let's see! Not possible to go alone either. Maybe still would be nice to go with a friend. I don't know, let's see! I would like to have a warm beach holiday and just relax. Bathe in the sun, swim in the waves, eat well, read a book.. I was looking for hotels and air bnb accommodation from Hvar in Croatia. There was one, lovely wooden house just 10 m from the sea. I'm so excited! What are you dreaming about right now?

Filled potatoes (VG)

I was cooking this recipe on a lazy afternoon. Ingredients for two- 6 -8 middle sized potatoes
- oil
- olives
- soygurt, 200 g
- vegan cheese, 130 g
- fresh parsley
- black pepper, pepper spice mix, salt, soy sauce. 1. Wash potatoes carefully. Rub oil to them and poke them with a fork. Place potatoes on an oven tray and bake in 200 degrees for one hour. I used the space to make owen apples as well. 2. Slice suitable amount of olives. Cut the baked potatoes half. Take some of the potato mass with spoon to a bowl, careful not to break the potato skin. 3. Add olives, jogurt, fresh parsley and half of the cheese to the bowl. Add the spices to your taste. Mix well and fill the potatoes. Sprinkle rest of the cheese on top. Add pepper. 4. You can still put the patatas to the owen for 10 minutes, but actually we just ate them like this :)

Relaxing in the water and September sun

Today we finally went to Allas Sea Pool in Helsinki for the first time. The tickets cost 12 euros per person without discount. After purchasing the ticket you walk on a wooden path towards the seashore, the view is very beautiful. On the right you find dressrooms, showers and saunas for men and women. The first locker I tried was not working, but the next one worked alright. The shower room is beautiful, I think with blue walls, perhaps dark blue. The showers were lovely rainlike. From the sauna there was a window to the sea, perhaps could have been a bigger one? Also I wondered if the sauna gets very full on busy days 😃Oh man it was lovely to be in the sauna after a long time! My body is sore right now from dancing, so it felt so good. Also I felt a little like a super woman! Learning from experience, take your towel when heading to the pool. The water is quite warm. What an experience to see the sunset in September, the sea and boats passing by. It's like swimming with those bo…

Feeling Friday

Recently I've been inspired by furniture catalogs. It's interesting to read about the designers and artists. Lately I've been trying to create a cozy athmosphere at home with burning candles. Also noticed my brightlight lamp needs a new lamp, so working on that. I don't even need new furniture I guess right now, but it's just nice to look at these 😃 And maybe some ideas for the future! Happy that it is Friday and I have some free time on my hands!

Spicey & easy noodle soup for September ((VG))

cut onion and garlic, sauté in oil
- cut chili tofu, add that
- add oat milk & water, so that will be enough to make a soup
- add noodles
- add more spices, salt, pepper, pepper..

Baking a rhubarb pie

I find baking very therapeutic, I guess it's the working with your hands. I feel this week has been a bit of a rollercoaster. Yesterday's dance class was very good for me, I was relaxed. Sometimes it's good to do just the minimum. Checked out my camera ready for my job on Saturday, made some notes and replied to one work e-mail. I'm also looking a job from closer where I go now, I found one interesting one, so I guess I will apply for it, then I will have a movie night watching the Hampstead, yay. Also calling to a friend made my day. 😃 Have a good weekend folks! And please leave comments.

Small things matter 💚

Sleepy weekend

During the week I've been working quite much, what has made it a bit rough is the distance to my workplace, the days get easily 12 hours long. Also hanging out by myself after long time 😃 It feels like there is air to breathe in the flat. Been sleeping, eating well, looking the sea. Made plans to be social. Also i'm planning a traintrip to Croatia, perhaps soonish. Ahh, got so excited to look at the hotels, I want it with a pool. I think i will write about it later. How's your weekend going?