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Näytetään blogitekstit, joiden ajankohta on kesäkuu, 2017.

Rentoudu ja liikutu Heath Ledgerin parissa

Tämä viiko on ollut huh, aika haasteellinen. Olen tehnyt huiman työviikon ja lisäksi meillä on ollut airbnb-vieraita. Onneksi en ole ollut yksin tässä. Tuntuu, että kaikki on ollut minuutin tarkkaa välillä. Huomisen jälkeen hellittääkin jo hetkeksi. Viikonloppuna on Pride-kulkue ja kaikkea ihanaa 💚Heath Ledgeriin liittyvä dokkari Areenalta on tän viikon juttu! Se on vieläkin kesken, ehdin katsoa vain eilen puoli tuntia ja tänään toiset 30 minaa. Eilen jo itkin liikutuksesta Ledgerin lahjakkuutta ja sitä vaan, että raksstan taidetta. Katso Yle Areenassa:

Easy and rather quick vegan tacos

- Cut couple of tomatoes, cucumber, onion, place on a serving plate, from where it is easy to take them. - Open a can of salsa, I used a medium one. - Prepare the "soy meat". Place the soy grains to water according to the instructions. Add oil and soy sauce. Heat on a pan, add a half of spice cube. - Prepare the guacamole. Squash couple of avocados, add lemon juice and pepper. - Heat the tacos in the microwave & add fillings and enjoy!

My picks from Midnight Sun Film Festival 2017

Here are my tips and their trailers for your inspiration from Midnight Sun Film Festival with some quick comments:
Bonello: The Pornographer
- super funny, hilarious! - many levels, not what you think - some very touching scenes as well

Girard: Strange Birds
- not so many happenings - simplistic

Fly: Inheritance
- A son of a wealthy industrial family has to go to work for his family's company - But it certainly takes a lot - Kind of a dark story I think - No trailer found!
Bonello: Saint Laurent
- About the designer Yves Saint Laurent - A must for creative people! - Ahh, big film! - Remember his words in the film that his goal was to bring beauty and elegance into this world, I'm sure he did!

This is the first part of the tips, to be continued..

Photos from Midnight Sun Film Festival

1. When leaving from Kamppi
2. Roadtripping
3. From the cabin yard
4. Lapland 💚 Luirojoki
5. Snow!! More later.

Quick & easy bean curry with naan bread (VEG)

These days I didn't really have the time for thinking what to cook. This idea I got from my friend from Facebook. The ingredients I bought from an ethnic shop from Kaisaniemi metro station. It really is super quick. What you need: - beans
- coconut cream, I used coconut milk and had to add soy flour and maizena (which is not vegan)
- curry paste
- naan bread (ready made is faster) 1. Rinse the beans with water.
2. Pour them on a kettle, warm up
3. Add some curry paste
4. Add cream
5. Toast the bread if you like
6. Serve :)

Photos from mini-holiday

This week's film: Thoughts on Song to song've been viewing Song to song -trailer lately a lot, it has been a huge inspiration for me. Today I finally went to see the film, from the first minute it had my full concentration. Not sure even what to write about it, there were so many things which I could relate to. It's about love, about a triangle. In one way about good love and bad love. The message is humane even though showing some darker sides of the human being. It's about youth, about searching, about art, so much about art. You can see that it is from the hand of Malick but still different than his others. Nowadays if I love something, I just love it. Five stars of five. *****